Seattle Video Production

Based in Seattle, Pixel Bokeh Productions specializes in online video for Non-Profits, Agencies, and Businesses that result in strong social media engagement.

 Business  Video

An engaging video can help tell your company’s story, share details of exciting new products and services, and help to engage your customers more effectively than any other type of marketing.

 Animated Explainers

Use the power of animation to create dynamic videos that explain your services and products, or breakdown complex topics in creative and engaging ways that help viewers to become more involved.

 Non-Profit  Video

We love working with Non-Profits to create videos that can raise awareness of projects, create positive change in the world, achieve or exceed funding goals, and inform viewers how to get involved

 Kickstarter Videos

Great inventions should have amazing visual content. Help raise awareness and support for your brilliant idea with a video that visually explains how it works and how others can be a part of your crowdfunding campaign.

 Voice Over

We work with professional voice over artists ranging in age, gender and accent to find that perfect voice that suits  both your project and your budget.

 Script Writing

Have some ideas but don’t know where to start? Well let us help by crafting your vision  into a engaging script that delivers your message clearly and keeps your budget on point.

Why Hire Pixel Bokeh Productions

We believe a successful commercial video requires more than just good storytelling. With over a decade of experience, we know that the quality of production reflects the perception of the brand and so we make sure that no creative or technical detail is overlooked. We work directly with our clients to create successful commercial videos for a wide variety of businesses including Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Non-Profits, Tech Start Ups, and Web Marketing. Pixel Bokeh Productions is about video done right.

Brands we work with

Companies Pixel Bokeh Productions worked with, KIA, Outside Magazine, Microsoft, SportsArt, Outside Magazine Online

Here’s our latest work. Check it out!

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Phone: 206.659.1629

Address: 1546 NW 56th St, Seattle, WA 98107

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