4K For Marketing Videos

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Do you need 4K resolution for your marketing video? What does 4K even mean? We’re going to tackle that and a bit more in today’s Video for Business.

What Does 4K Resolution Mean?

You’ve certainly heard about 4K resolution. But what does that really mean and how does it make for a better marketing video? Resolution relates to the image detail that we see on our screens. The higher the resolution, generally the sharper the detail. The overall better looking marketing video that your clients see. Most of the content that we see on TV these days was shot in a 1920 by 1080 resolution, or what we call 1080. Some of the larger projects were shot in 4K and downsized to 1080 resolution.

4K Resolution vs. High Definition 

Basically, 4K is four times the resolution of the 1920 by 1080 that we see on our televisions today. Filming in 4K now means that your marketing video is still gonna look great when everyone’s looking at it on a 4K television or computer screen. So if you’re thinking that you might want to repurpose or reuse some of the content from your marketing video in a few years time, 4K is definitely a resolution that you need to consider. Right now, most people are still watching content on a 1080 screen. The great thing about it is when we shoot in this higher resolution, we’re able to crop in and actually make it look like we’re using two different angles from a single camera.



So are there any negatives in shooting a marketing video in 4K resolution? Well, one thing to consider is that you may have saved some money in production, but due to the larger file size, it’s gonna take a little bit more time to process, maybe backup, or store the video files. So there can be some post-production increase costs compared to shooting in 1080. It’s always a good idea to talk to your video production company to determine ahead of time what makes the most sense for your marketing video.

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