Agency Video Production

We work with agencies and marketing companies to create effective videos that engage audiences online and via social media. We can work with you to develop or adapt scripts for video production, as well as, provide professional voice overs and graphics animation. We value the importance of working within the scope of the budget and ensuring videos are delivered on-time to support the overall campaign.

Alderwood Dental

We crafted this online marketing video using strong visuals and motion graphics to help Alderwood Dental craft an effective campaign to reach new perspective patients .


We love working with companies that develop cool technology, and GhostTruck certainly delivered. We created a video that visually explains how the service works and provides a solid client testimonial to promote a positive experience.


In order to make Frost’s online video stand out, we used a combination of tasty video and colorful motion graphics to help visualize the fun and deliciousness that Frost has to offer it’s customers.

Seattle Credit Union

This video helped Seattle Credit Union to showcase it’s services and emphasize it’s quality customer service experience by show casing it’s Northgate Location. The narrative reenforces the fact that the company is local and has operated in Seattle sine the 1920’s.

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