Challenges When Creating Corporate Marketing Content

Einar Video Production

This past summer we were tasked with the challenge to create content to be used in a corporate marketing production for McDonalds. The logistics of the shoot required filming multiple interviewees with both employees and on the spot interviews with customers to discuss McDonald’s new Signature Craft Recipes menu. Planning To Be Effective  Due to the fact that we would be …

Filming Virtual Reality

Creating Video Content for Virtual Reality Events

Einar Video Production, Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more common for gaming, specialty training, and even as part of massive events like the recently held Internaitonal DOTA 2 Championship at the Key Arena in Seattle. The challenge is that not a lot of people currently own the VR hardware or have the computing power needed to run it effectively. Using Video to …

Sandbox Promo Video Thumb

Creating Promo Videos with Impact

Einar Video Equipment, Video Production

  Pixel Bokeh Productions was  recently approached by Sandbox Inc. , a Florida based technology company, to help them create an in-depth product video to help market two of their new home monitoring products. These particular products were a combination of multi-platform software and complex hardware designed to help families stay safe and connected with one another. This presented meant a challenge of visually communicating the numerous hardware …