Review of the DJI OSMO for Commercial Video Production

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DJI has been pushing the boundaries of camera stabilization technology for some time now, and their latest product, the OSMO, does so in a both fascinating and sometimes frustrating way. The OSMO effectively fills a niche in the market for a small, stabilized camera that can be easily used to get good looking B-Roll. Build Quality and Menu Layout The OSMO …

Editing Over A Network with FCPX

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Centralized Editing Here at Pixel Bokeh, we’ve been using FCPX for the majority of our editing work for the last few years and it’s worked great for ensuring professional results. Features such as keywords, favorite selections, Event Browser, and even the magnetic timeline make working with FCPX an amazing experience. Using FCPX in a traditional editing setup i.e.. NLE, editing computer and attached …

Canon_2x_iii_Extender Comparison

What does the Canon 2x iii Extender do for your telephoto lens?

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What exactly does Canon 2x iii Extender offer for telephoto lenses? We’ve all seen those amazing close up shots of lions on the Serengeti, birds of prey perfectly sharp, and of course the actions sports shots that perfectly capture the heroic play at the far end of the field. You might ask yourself, “What kind of lens does it take …