Using Animation To Help Visualize Social Issues

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Creating Animations For Social Issue Awareness There are some topics that are so complex it seems nearly impossible to convey the message in any form, let alone video. Often that is where animation and motion graphics stand out to be the perfect solution. We recently found ourselves tackling such a topic for Washington Roundtable. The project involved creating an animation …

Sandbox Promo Video Thumb

Creating Promo Videos with Impact

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  Pixel Bokeh Productions was  recently approached by Sandbox Inc. , a Florida based technology company, to help them create an in-depth product video to help market two of their new home monitoring products. These particular products were a combination of multi-platform software and complex hardware designed to help families stay safe and connected with one another. This presented meant a challenge of visually communicating the numerous hardware …

Review of the DJI OSMO for Commercial Video Production

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DJI has been pushing the boundaries of camera stabilization technology for some time now, and their latest product, the OSMO, does so in a both fascinating and sometimes frustrating way. The OSMO effectively fills a niche in the market for a small, stabilized camera that can be easily used to get good looking B-Roll. Build Quality and Menu Layout The OSMO …

Filming Alaskan Glaciers with the Canon C100

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Filming Alaskan Glaciers With The Canon C100 I have vivid memories from my childhood of visiting the Portage Glacier. It was immense and it stretched all the way up the valley towards the cloud covered peaks above The cold wind wiped down the face of it and would snap at you face as you got closer. I can remember being both thrilled and …

Filming Alaskan Brown Bears with the Canon C100

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Alaska Brown Bears from Pixel Bokeh on Vimeo. Bear sightings are fairly common all across Alaska, but seeing them in their natural habitat, just doing what they do, is harder to come by. The McNeil River plays host to the largest congregation of brown bears in Alaska annually, as they fatten themselves all summer long on salmon. We booked our …

Zeiss Cinemizer

Zeiss – OLED Cinemizer Goggles

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Eyes Of The Future – Cinemizer Goggles Zeiss, one of the world leaders in professional optics and lens systems has created the OLED Cinemizer Goggles. These goggles might make you look like you just walked off of a Star Trek set, but the forward looking concept and practical application open up some truly exciting possibilities for future film making. What …