The Importance of Staying Environmentally Green In Seattle’s Big Tech

Einar Small Business Video, Video Production

As Seattle’s tech industry continues to boom, it’s important for companies to ensure they’re using environmental resources in the best way possible. Green House Data is one of the bigger companies when it comes to data storage and networking and they wanted to create a video that explained their approach to being environmentally responsible. Producer: Punch Drunk Production / Post: …

Canon C300

Motion Graphics – Greenwood Car Show 2015

Einar Motion Graphics, Video Production

For this years Greenwood Car Show, we decided to go in a different direction and focus more on motion graphics to drive the energy rather than just the video footage itself. Of course, this meant that a whole lot more work was required than just editing. So with some time spent behind the wheel of After FX and then back …

Sports Art Cyclorama Studio Shoot

Einar Video, Video Production

We’ve been hard at work on five videos for SportsArt from Woodenville, WA. They produce a wide variety of high-end athletic training equipment and we charged with producing a shoot that would enable the production of enough content to create the five needed videos. Here are the first two that have been completed: Pinnacle Trainer SportsArt IHRSA Tradeshow Promo One …