Filming Alaskan Glaciers with the Canon C100

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Filming Alaskan Glaciers With The Canon C100 I have vivid memories from my childhood of visiting the Portage Glacier. It was immense and it stretched all the way up the valley towards the cloud covered peaks above The cold wind wiped down the face of it and would snap at you face as you got closer. I can remember being both thrilled and …

Filming Alaskan Brown Bears with the Canon C100

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Alaska Brown Bears from Pixel Bokeh on Vimeo. Bear sightings are fairly common all across Alaska, but seeing them in their natural habitat, just doing what they do, is harder to come by. The McNeil River plays host to the largest congregation of brown bears in Alaska annually, as they fatten themselves all summer long on salmon. We booked our …

Thoughts on 360 Degree Filmmaking

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The pace of which technology is pushing filmmaking today is mind boggling. From higher resolutions and better ISO, to fully immersive viewing and VOD distribution. However I’m very curious to see what happens in regards to VR filmmaking. Traditional film making requires an entire set and a crew to operate things such as lights, cameras, sound equipment etc. With VR …

Antonella Fragapane with Vincent Laforet

Review of the Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet

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This past Sunday, as I headed to the Hilton in downtown Seattle to attend the Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet, I had some trepidation as to whether it was going to really be worth spending such a beautiful day inside a dimmed conference room. When I emerged 10 hours later, there was no doubt that I had made the right choice. Vincent had …

Canon_2x_iii_Extender Comparison

What does the Canon 2x iii Extender do for your telephoto lens?

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What exactly does Canon 2x iii Extender offer for telephoto lenses? We’ve all seen those amazing close up shots of lions on the Serengeti, birds of prey perfectly sharp, and of course the actions sports shots that perfectly capture the heroic play at the far end of the field. You might ask yourself, “What kind of lens does it take …