Creating Effective Videos For Non-Profits

Einar Non-Profit, Video Production

There are many challenges to creating effective videos for non-profits, but there are also so many great rewards as well. At Pixel Bokeh we’ve worked with a variety of non-profits in the Puget Sound and have found that the people behind many of these organizations are passionate, motivated, and doing work that makes a significant impact. They also realize that video is a great way to bring awareness to their cause and create an effective call to action.


We recently completed two videos for the Washington Roundtable to help them bring greater awareness to the need for students in Washington State to achieve higher levels of education in order to meet the future needs of employers in our state.

The project involves creating a series of vignettes that consist of interviews with employers and employees of some of the States leading businesses involved in STEM industries.


The first vignette featured PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) located in Richland, WA. To complete the project a small crew traveled to PNNL in August to interview several scientists and film them working at the state of the art facility.

Animation For Non-Profits

The second part of the project for Washington Roundtable was to create an animation that helped to visualize an in-depth report created by WA Roundtable and the Boston Consulting Group.

The process involved creating a detailed storyboard based off of the key points from the report. Once this was reviewed and approved, a script was created and voice over talent auditioned to find the right voice to carry the project. The voice needed to be professional and analytical but not boring. Once the voice over was recorded the animation began. The majority of animation was done in After FX with some timing adjustments done in Final Cut Pro X.

Shorter versions of both projects were created for use on social media to help spread the awareness to the issues.

These videos have been featured on several websites across Washington State and have helped to drive traffic to the Washington Roundtable site that provides even more information on the issue and how to get involved.
We’re proud to be involved by creating video content that will hopefully lead to better job opportunities for kids in Washington State and a more prosperous economy for everyone.