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Creating Promo Videos with Impact

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Pixel Bokeh Productions was  recently approached by Sandbox Inc. , a Florida based technology company, to help them create an in-depth product video to help market two of their new home monitoring products. These particular products were a combination of multi-platform software and complex hardware designed to help families stay safe and connected with one another. This presented meant a challenge of visually communicating the numerous hardware features and applications in a clear and easy narrative.

Creating a product video that achieves impact means a creating a script that has a clear connection between the intention of the product and the market segment it’s targeted for when commercially available.

How We Approached The Project

The first step was to work with Sandbox’s CEO, Mike Reddy to refine the script so that it accurately detailed the feature set that Sandbox Inc. wanted to announce at launch and cast a VO artist that met with the guidelines for their target audience. We’ve worked with a number of great VO artists over the years and were able to quickly find the right voice for the script.

We then moved onto casting the main roles for the family members to be able to show the user case scenarios for the different devices. The script called for a family interacting with one another and using the various devices to keep connected to one another. Additionally we needed to find someone who was likely into to tech and would be an early adopter of the Sandbox Home System.

The actual production had a few challenges as some features in the software were still in early development (not unusual for a first generation product that has so many revolutionary features), but it also meant having to train the actors as to how some of the software and hardware worked. It’s important to make sure the product looks its best in every frame. This can be challenging when working with pre-mold models as they don’t always have the finished polish that a final product would have.

Usually we try and keep a product video around the 2:00 to 2:30 min. mark, but Sandbox had created two separate products that worked together so part of the challenge in editing was ensuring that enough time was dedicated to each individual system, as well as, how they worked together while not making it the never ending promo video.

Once the edit was done, we did a final pass for color and a sound pass to balance the VO with the music.

Final Outcome

Since launching their new website which features the final video, Sandbox Inc. has been able to effectively build their PR buzz across a variety of social media platforms. It has been featured in tech write ups and reviews as well.