Four Types of Online Markeiting Videos

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Today, I want to talk to you about the different types of online marketing videos, and what might be the best for you marketing needs. Knowing the right type of video for your business will help you to develop an effective online marketing strategy and get the best ROI.

Why Video Duration Matters

Before we jump into the different types of videos, first I wanna talk about duration, the overall length of the video. For social media, you might only need a video that’s 15 to maybe 30 seconds in duration. But a long-form video, say two and a half to three and a half minutes, is great for your website where your perspective leads are already fully engaged in finding out more about what your business has to offer. With so many people engaging in online video content, it’s a great opportunity for you to create an effective marketing campaign that tells people more about your business and the services you have to offer.

About Us Video

So, what kind of video should your business be looking to make? Well here’s a few different types, company video or an about us video. These types of videos help perspective patients or clients know exactly who you are, what your personality is like, what your expertise or maybe your background is. They really help to break down the barriers or uncertainty for somebody to come in and actually engage with your services.


Recuritment Videos

Recruitment videos, these are great videos for showing off company culture, defining what the expectations are for the job or the new hire, and helping to ease any new hires into your company culture.

Virtual Tour Videos

Sometimes people post photographs and they’re not the most flattering. A great virtual tour Video is your way of ensuring that your business looks its best online. Don’t just leave it to reviewers to post an unflattering photograph or video of your business.

CEO or Founder Video

Another great video is simply a message from the CEO or the founder. It helps put a face to a large corporation and really make it feel more personable. This kind of video is maybe a little bit more long-form, something for your website versus social media, but it does help to put a face and a personality to a large business.

Those are just a few different types of online marketing videos. I hope you found that informative and feel free to leave a comment or a question below. 

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