Canon C300

Motion Graphics – Greenwood Car Show 2015

Einar Motion Graphics, Video Production

For this years Greenwood Car Show, we decided to go in a different direction and focus more on motion graphics to drive the energy rather than just the video footage itself. Of course, this meant that a whole lot more work was required than just editing.

So with some time spent behind the wheel of After FX and then back into Final Cut Pro X, what emerged was a motion graphics piece that hits the heart of the Greenwood Car Show detailing the classic designs, raw power, and endless passion that everyone experiences when attending.


All of the footage was filmed using the Canon C300. This camera truly is amazing as a run and gun set up. However we wanted to have maximum stability so we brought along the Miller Carbon Fiber, 3 Stage Tripod. It might not be the lightest thing around, but it certainly meant we were able to get the shots we needed from every angle.