We work with a wide variety of Non-Profits to help them raise awareness of important issues impacting the world today. A well crafted video can help boost the effectiveness of donor campaigns while helping to engage an even great demographic via online and social media. Our approach is to work with each Non-Profit from the start to understand their focus and then together, develop a narrative and visual content that brings that message to life.

WA Roundtable Animation

We were contracted to produce an animation explainer video as part of the campaign WA Kids 4 WA Jobs to raise awareness and drive buy-in for WA postsecondary attainment goal. Make audiences aware of the great job opportunities and career pathways available in our state.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This video is the first in a series for WA Roundtable to help bring awareness to the importance of improving student graduation rates in Washington State. It is part of a major initiative to help prepare students for the massive job growth that is projected to occur in Washington State in the next five years.

Lincoln High School

We created a series of videos for Ready WA campaign to promote effective approaches to teaching and the benefits of continued education for teachers and students in Washington State.

Animated Explainer

These animated explainers were created to help students and parents better understand the new testing standards being implemented in Washington and how they helped prepare students to be college ready.

iFest 2015

For the second year in a row we created a video for Seattle only independent game development event that helped raise awareness of the fantastic game development that is happening right here in Seattle.

Anitra Pinchback Jones – Principal Interview

This video was created to raise awareness of the challenges of providing students in Washington State with quality education and to prepare them for a positive future .

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