Pianos In The Park – Seattle 2017

Einar Motion Graphics, Non-Profit

We get to work on a variety of fun and rewarding projects year after year. Most recently we completed a video show casing the Pianos In The Park opening gala at 12th Ave Arts in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

Pianos In The Park Annual Event

This annual event brought together a wonderful combination of visual artists, dancers, and musical performers to celebrate the creative diversity of the Puget Sound. Each year around a dozen used pianos are gathered up from the local area and artists submit design ideas for expressing their love of music and community. 

Artists transform the pianos into something new by painting them with bright colors, animal motifs, using image collages, as well as, textural materials. On the opening night the pianos are showcased to the public and local musicians perform on them. In the following weeks the pianos are distributed throughout the city and surrounding areas to be played on by the public. 

Event Videos Can Help Grow Community Awareness

This year we were charged with filming the opening night event and interviewing several of the key people involved in making the event such a success. Filming took place in to different locations on the same evening and involved tapping into the PA system used at the event to get audio for the speeches in addition to filming the performances. 

Event videos are a great way of showcasing the success of your events and helping your supporters share this type of content to grow and even larger localized community.