The Power of a Great Interview

Einar Non-Profit

Speaking from the heart on something you believe in can be a powerful experience. However, finding your voice in front of a small production crew with several cameras can be quite daunting. 

We recently conducted two full days of interviews with both parents and students, talking about the importance of continued education after high school for Ready Washington’s video series on the topic. Some of these interviews were in English, while others were conducted in Spanish. 

Over the years we’ve developed a methodology that really works to help set people at ease and get them comfortable in talking with us on camera. The results are often emotionally powerful and lend themselves to enriching the narrative beyond what we could ever imagine.

Hearing the passion and conviction of these parents and educators to help students achieve a higher level of success and education in life has been a fantastic experience, and one we will always be thankful to have been a part of for years to come.