PSA Videos Help Educate Clients

Einar FCPX, Marketing Video, PSA

What Can A PSA Video Do For Your Business?

Many businesses suffer from having lots of great information about their business on their website, but don’t realize how that same information could be even more helpful as a short PSA video to their clients, patients, or customers. 

By taking the expertise and insight of your industry and conveying it in short PSA (Public Service Announcement) type video for use in social media or online, you are positioning your business as an industry expert by better educating your current customers and further informing potentially new ones. 

It doesn’t take long after we’ve met with most business owners for them to suddenly see the vast trove of content they already have on their website that can be used for creating these types of PSA videos. 

What exactly is a PSA video? 

PSA videos are usually 30 seconds to a minute duration that help educate an audience on a particular topic by providing relevant information from an expert’s point of view. This could be from topics of medical awareness, safety and injury prevention, home or equipment maintenance, or other types of important topics of awareness. 

We work with out clients to take a topic and flesh it out into a basic video concept. By using a teleprompter, our clients are able to comfortably and professionally deliver their message straight to camera. By adding in a few graphics or cut-away shots to relevant B-Roll the resulting video is professional and informative.

Creating a Series of PSA Videos

Often we will film four or five of them with a client in a single two hour period when it works best for them. This allows business owners to put a new video out on a consistent basis and build on the momentum of each proceeding video. By doing a series of videos on a variety of related industry topics, it again helps to position your business and staff as experts in the relevant fields of service.

Where To Use PSA Videos

PSA videos are perfect for social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and even YouTube. They are fantastic conversation starters and these discussions with your potential customers will help to grow awareness of what their interests and needs are which is the kind of insight every business needs to adapt and grow. 


If you think a PSA video series might help your business to connect with customers, patients, or new clients, get in touch and lets see how we can help show off the expertise you have in your field.