Sports Art Cyclorama Studio Shoot

Einar Video, Video Production

We’ve been hard at work on five videos for SportsArt from Woodenville, WA. They produce a wide variety of high-end athletic training equipment and we charged with producing a shoot that would enable the production of enough content to create the five needed videos.

Here are the first two that have been completed:

Pinnacle Trainer

SportsArt IHRSA Tradeshow Promo

One of the challenges that arose from the start was that we knew we would need to shoot in a studio, and normally we would have shot on a green screen cyclorama. However two of the four company colors for Sports Art are shades of green. This mean that shooting their equipment (which has green highlights on them) would be tricky on a green screen. Shooting on a blue screen is a bit harder to find, but it also meant that the models would not be able to wear anything blue, which of course were the other two colors for the SportsArt corporate identity.

Thankfully we were able to shoot on a white (mostly white) cyclorama at LeftJet Studios in Seattle.

The other issue we had to take into consideration was the shear weight of all of the equipment. Some of the units weigh close to four hundred pounds, and we were going to have four to five of them on set at a time. A lot of stages aren’t set up for that amount of weight or have easy access to offload that kind of gear into the stage area.

The DP, Domenic Barbero and Gaffer, Casey Schmidt, did a great job with lighting and shooting all of the various pieces of equipment and the athletes. The goal was to show the equipment really being used and so this meant pushing the models/athletes to give high energy performances again and again without wearing them out before we’d captured all of the necessary shots.

Antonella ran the DIT setup so we were able to offload and back up all of the 5K RED EPIC Dragon footage. The entire shoot ended up being around 2.5 TB of footage which we had backed up across multiple G-Raids.


The crew we assembled did a fantastic job on the day and we were able to get everything lit and shot on time with room for a few extra shots as well.

It was a great experience and we really look forward to doing more work with SportsArt when the weather warms up and the sun starts shining here in Seattle.