The Benefit of Voice Overs In Video 

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Today we’re going to talk about voice overs for marketing videos. When are they needed? Who does them? And what’s the best voice over for your marketing video?

When To Use A Voice Over In Video Production

A good voice over can help your marketing video stand out and feel professional. Voice overs are perfect for Explainer or How To videos. They can help your audience comprehend complex topics, or easily progress through a set of instructions.

In some cases you might not want to be on camera, but instead put the focus on your business. That’s perfectly alright, and a voice over allows you to have more of your video focused on showing off your business and services than having the camera on you. 

ProTools Voice Over Recording

Recording Voice Overs Using ProTools

Where To Find A Good Voice Over

There are some great dedicated services as well as local talent that specialize in doing voice overs for radio, television, or web commercials. A good video production company will be able to provide you with insight as to what is an effective voice over for your particular project. They can also assist with getting sample readings from voice over talent, so that you can listen to it before you finalize your choice.

Not all voice overs are created equal. Some have more experience or better equipment to provide you with a cleaner recording. A clean recording is important because you don’t want any distortion or background noise to distract from your overall marketing video. Lastly, who writes the scripts for the voice over talent to read?

Well, that can come from a couple of different places. A marketing department if you have one, maybe repurposing something from your website or your printed materials. The voice over can also come from a production company, provided that they’ve got experience with writing marketing content. Just remember, what’s written on the page or the screen doesn’t always translate perfectly into how it’s actually read, so some adaptation of your script may be necessary.


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