Using Animation To Help Visualize Social Issues

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Creating Animations For Social Issue Awareness

There are some topics that are so complex it seems nearly impossible to convey the message in any form, let alone video. Often that is where animation and motion graphics stand out to be the perfect solution.

We recently found ourselves tackling such a topic for Washington Roundtable. The project involved creating an animation the helped visualize the need for continued education for Washington students in order to meet the needs of our local industry employers.

WA Roundtable Animation from Pixel Bokeh Productions on Vimeo.

Such a topic is wide reaching and has a massive impact on the economy. It also means tackling areas such as education, industry, employment, and opportunity which are all topics that people feel very strongly about.

Voice Overs For Animation Videos

The project was started by sending out the script to our network of voice over artists. We had a type of voice in mind, but have learned over the years that sometimes you’ll be surprised by what you get back, so not to have our minds set too specifically on an individual voice.

We narrowed the voice over responses down from 23 to the top five and reviewed them with the client. Once a voice artist was selected we went forward with having them record the voice over which we could then use to begin timing the animation.

Using a combination of stock art and original assets, we laid out a story board for review and client approval. After a few revisions, we had all of the elements needed to move forward into animation.

After FX For Animated Explainers

The majority of animation too place in After FX and the editing was done in Final Cut Pro. All of the audio was done in Final Cut Pro and some slight adjustments were made to the timing of the voice over to better line up to the animation.


It took about four weeks from initial concept to final delivery. The final video was used in serveral client presentations as well as featured on their website and in social media campaigns.